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Before you go gung-ho and start ripping out carpet and scraping up tile, take a step back and ask yourself a few key questions.  You’ll be glad you did, because you’ll dramatically increase your satisfaction in the end!

Room Usage

How many people will regularly use the room?  Will they use it a lot?  Will there be a lot of furniture?  Children definitely affect flooring choices.  So do pets.

What about moisture?  Is the floor near exterior doors, a pool entrance, or in a bathroom?  Will the floor need frequent cleaning?  How long do you expect your new floor to last before replacement?


If it’s a kitchen floor you have in mind, you’ll want durability and ease of cleaning.  Linoleum and ceramic tile are both very common, and so is wood. 

Linoleum is cheap and easy to clean, and it comes in lots of designs!  Ceramic tiles are even better.  They come in a huge range of colors and styles, and resist most dings, dents and scratches.

However for a floor that is prone to structural movement (particularly in an old house), you may find ceramic will crack, unless you replace the subfloor, of course!  Also you may want to choose ceramic tile or linoleum with a textured surface if there are people with special needs in your house.  Smooth floors are extra slippery when wet.

And let’s not forget about wood flooring!  Wood flooring is warm and inviting, and you want your kitchen to feel just like that.  Plus wood is great at handling lots of foot traffic.  Just make sure you apply a high quality finish, such as polyurethane, so you protect your wood floor from the moisture that will most certainly end up on the kitchen floor.


Boy do bathrooms get a lot of moisture!  You can choose from ceramic tile, marble, granite, or linoleum as these are all popular and functional flooring options.  These flooring options come with a huge range of price tags and various levels of expertise to install.  However at Prima Kitchen and Bath, we can handle the installation of any type of bathroom flooring you’d like!

wood living room flooring

Other Living Areas

Outside of kitchen and bathroom flooring, the rest of your home’s flooring comes down to personal choice.  Do you like wood, carpet, tile, or granite?  How about a mix?  Tile can provide delightful patterns and styles, from simple to incredible, which can give your room an elegant or exotic feel.

Wood flooring is beautiful and inviting, and is easier on your feet and back.  However, don’t put wood flooring below ground level, or it may be exposed to too much moisture.  If you want the look of wood, go with wood laminate.  It’s made from a multi-ply core with hardwood layered on top.  This resists expansion and contraction much better than solid wood.

Then there’s carpet!  Carpet is inexpensive but may wear faster than more durable flooring.  However, carpet is still very durable, and is essential for areas like bedrooms or other areas where you would commonly walk around barefoot.  Carpet provides comfort and can insulate the floor, which is important in rooms located over unheated areas such as garages.

Choosing a floor can be a daunting decision, but don’t let it stress you out!  We can provide you with great ideas and a free estimate.  Call Prima Kitchen and Bath at 724-550-4533 or request a new flooring quote today!

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